About Us.

A-9 by Angelina Morla is made with Organic Materials from Ecuador. Our products are handmade by artisans who dye and hand sew each piece. We use all organic products in creating a piece of art. All our products are limited edition. A-9 Handmade has a unique style. A style that can be used any time because the sporty and fresh look keeps it elegant. Our Products are crafted with a lot of work and dedication. A-9 Handmade is of high quality and has been treated, colored, and printed one by one.
We sale wholesale, please write us using contact from. We get orders and we send the order to Ecuador to be manufacture.Orders usually takes 30 days, you can order any of our styles or a custom design.


Our products bring a positive message to people. We want to offer a great, organic, and unique product to our customers. All our products are designed for happy, active, stylish, fashionable, outgoing, and urban people.
Among our products we are proud to present our Organic Handmade Espadrilles. A-9 Handmade is aiming to reinvent the espadrille. Espadrilles have a lot of history, and they have been around for thousands of years. Our difference is that we adapted to today’s fashion with traditional styles by creating a unique piece of art in each product that we launched.

We, part of the A-9 team, want to also promote our beautiful Ecuador. All our products are handmade in Ecuador because we believe in people, skills, traditions, and we want to make our customers part of it. Every time you purchase A-9 Handmade products, you are supporting Ecuadorian Artisans. A-9 Handmade products have a little of Ecuador, enjoy it!


Trending designer Angelina Morla is proud to announce  the launch of her women's upcycled clothing line, Jolie-Laide.  Each item designed is a one of a kind hand modified piece reflecting the Jolie-Laide girl's unique beauty. These clothes are not for faint of heart!